PREDICT - PREparing for the Domino effect in Crisis siTuations

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In order to keep the PREDICT partners and all other external interested stakholders up to date, this section provides the latest news about the project: publications, information about conferences, workshops and meetings will be published and Press releases will be uploaded here.



Supported by the Research Executive Agency (REA), the PREDICT’s final conference was held in Brussels, at the BAO conference centre, on the 16th and 17th of March 2017. This final conference was jointly organized by 5 different European research projects funded under the FP7 programme that have been working for the last 3 years on cascading effect management and critical infrastructure protection: CascEff, SnowBall, CIPRNet,...


On the 10th of February, CEIS organised a workshop entitled "Managing Cascading Effects - The Way Forward" in the DGA Lab premises - the Innovation Lab of the French Ministry of Denfence - in Paris.

About 20 representatives of crisis management organisations stemming from 10 different European countries and international organisations attended the workshop. 8 partner organizations of PREDICT's consortium and 3 members of the project's Advisory Board were also present.

On this occasion, the...


The EU-funded PREDICT - “Preparing for the Domino effect in Crisis Situations” - project will hold its final conference on 16 & 17 March 2017, in Brussels. This event jointly organised with 4 other European projects – CascEff, CIPRNet, FORTRESS and SnowBall – will present the key results of PREDICT and suggest recommendations on the future European research and policy agenda so as to assist the European crisis management community in responding to cascading effects.

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This survey takes place within the European Commission Funded FP7 projects which deal with understanding, modelling and managing cascading effects in crises: CascEff (, PREDICT (, SNOWBALL (, CIPRNet ( and FORTRESS (


In an article published in the Crisis Response Journal web-magazine, Olivia Soave and Martin de Maupeou from CEIS present the progress of the PREDICT project.

The PREDICT project team is very happy to announce the organisation of the fifth and final Expert Workshop of the FP7 PREDICT project on domino effects in crisis management.



 PREDICT project – Workshop #5

Managing Cascading Effects in Crisis Situations - The Way Forward


On 21 and 22 September 2016, Thales (NL and Fr), ITTI, TNO, and VRZHZ participated in the DOMINO II Conference also held in Tiel and organised by the Dutch First Responder platform, IFV ( 
This event was a follow-up of the first Domino conference organised in May 2015 in Zwijndrech, The Netherlands (see: http://www....
On the 20th of September 2016, several partners of the PREDICT project (for VRZHZ and iTTi) took part in a Knowledge Transfer Workshop organised in the framework of the FORTRESS FP7 project ( in Tiel, the Netherlands. The aim of this workshop was to provide a platform for the exchange of research outcomes between several European projects focusing on crisis management (including PREDICT, FORTRESS, CASCEFF, Snowball and DRIVER). The...

The members of the PREDICT consortium gathered in the city of Helsinki on 14 and 15 September 2016 to take stock of the project's progress and visit Finnish crisis management command centres. During a visit arranged by the Finnish Environment institute SYKE - a partner in the consortium - members of the project were able to engage with several Finnish Command centers - at the Helsinki City Rescue Department and at the National Border Guard Agency - to see how in Finland the situational awareness picture are build up and how different authorities communicate...


In 2016, the International Conference on Critical Information Infrastructures Security faces its 11th anniversary. Some aspects of the programme will deal with the issue of the PREDICT project, e.g. Topic 3 - Advances in Human Factors, decision support, and cross-sector CI(I)P approaches.

CRITIS 2016 continues the tradition of presenting innovative research and exploring new challenges in the field of critical (information) infrastructures protection (C(I)IP) and fostering the dialogue with stakeholders. CRITIS 2016 aims at bringing together researchers and...