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PREDICT News & Activities

In order to keep the PREDICT partners and all other external interested stakholders up to date, this section provides the latest news about the project: publications, information about conferences, workshops and meetings will be published and Press releases will be uploaded here.



On 15 June 2016, the fourth PREDICT end-user workshop took place. European crisis and disaster management experts, had the occasion to see demonstrations and to test some of the PREDICT project's tools. This workshop was organised by CEIS - in close collaboration with other partners of the project - in the framework of WP8 activities, which aim at engaging and exchanging with the community of end-users on their operational needs and requirements regarding solutions designed to deal with cascading...


The PREDICT project team is happy to announce the organisation of a fourth expert workshop on domino effects in crisis management entitled


« Enhancing preparedness for and response to cascading effects - Showcasing the PREDICT decision support tools »

When: Wednesday 15 June 2016

Where: SIA Lab, 40 rue d’Oradour sur Glane, 75015 Paris, France



The PREDICT project was presented at the Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience (CIPRE - conference on 2 March 2016 in the Hague, Netherlands. Several members of the PREDICT consortium joined this annual high level event which gathers leading stakeholders from across Europe to learn, discuss and debate some of the crucial issues and threats facing all nations, in ensuring the normal functioning of critical infrastructure in the face of increased threats of terrorism and crime, as well as...


CEIS - in collaboration with Fraunhofer - organized a third workshop in Brussels on 11 December 2015 in the framework of the WP8 “End-user network”. This workshop was entitled Decision-support, foresight and prediction tools in support of crisis and disaster management operations – Introducing the PREDICT solution. The seminar focused particularly on presenting and getting feedback on the general design of the PREDICT Tool Suite (iPDT) and the individual tools of which the iPDT will be composed.

The iPDT combines:...


On 8th October 2015, the PREDICT project organized an end-user workshop in Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland. This workshop, co-organised by SYKE and iTTi welcomed more than 20 experts stemming from various Finnish organisations including: the Helsinki Rescue Department, the Transport Safety Agency, the Border Guard, the Meteorological Institute, the Helsinki Harbour LTD, the Navy, Customs, the Helsinki Marine Police and INSTA. In addition other partners of the PREDICT project (VTT, CEA, VRZHZ) also participated in this meeting.



On October 15th 2015 the Safety region South Holland South (VRZHZ) organized, in cooperation with TNO, Thales NL and Thales Fr, a workshop with end-users in Dordrecht. The aim of this workshop was to gather end-users feedback on the concepts of the decision support and prediction tools currently being developed in the framework of the PREDICT project. The different stakeholders were very interested and engaged to the development of these tools and provided very useful input for further development.



On 3rd November 2015, the PREDICT project organised an end-user workshop in Cologne, Germany. German experts stemming from the Deutsch Bahn, Fire Brigades and Police Forces attended the meeting. The participants discussed the scenario developed by the UIC which describes the management of a crisis generated by the derailment of a fret train transporting dangerous substances at the border between Germany and Belgium. The challenges in the cooperation and communication between the various stakeholders involved in the management of such a crisis were discussed....


Expert Workshop #3

"Decision-support, foresight and prediction tools in support of crisis and disaster management operations - Introducing the PREDICT solution"

The PREDICT project team is happy to announce the organisation of a third expert workshop on domino effects in crisis management.

- When: Friday 11 December 2015
- Where: Brussels
- Target participants: Management staff of national and regional...


Cordis News published an article on the project. This article entitled "Predictive tools could help rescue workers contain disasters" presents the major achievements of the project during its first phase and the future developments.

You can read the article online on CORDIS website:


In December 2013, the Xaver storm affected northwest Europe and caused massive damages, including coastal flooding, power outages and travel disruptions. These secondary effects affected the procedures of national and local crisis management authorities, forcing them to redefine their actions and to adapt to the unpredicted developments of the crisis.