PREDICT - PREparing for the Domino effect in Crisis siTuations

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PREDICT News & Activities

In order to keep the PREDICT partners and all other external interested stakholders up to date, this section provides the latest news about the project: publications, information about conferences, workshops and meetings will be published and Press releases will be uploaded here.



On the 25 June 2014, representatives from the PREDICT consortium part in a workshop organised by the Research Executive Agency (REA) to explore synergies between FP7 projects related to critical infrastructure protection against natural hazards and cascading effects in crisis situations.

The aim of this meeting was to establish an effective collaboration between different projects, which are dealing with similar issues (critical protection against natural hazards, extreme events LP-HI, and cascading effects in crisis...

The PREDICT kick-off meeting, on 30 April 2014 in Brussels, marked the beginning of the project. This successful meeting brought together all the members of the consortium in order to build a common understanding of the project. The main objective of the kick off meeting was to lay the foundations for the PREDICT project and keep the momentum concerning the main tasks and activities of each partner. The kick off meeting was the opportunity to interact directly with the Project Officer from the...

In the framework of the Researcher Seminar of Rescue Services in Finland (3-4 June 2014) a presentation of the PREDICT project was published.

Link to the publication (in Finnish) :


The Updated Dissemination Plan aims at presenting the dissemination strategy of the PREDICT project.

This document describes the following elements:

- Dissemination Board (objectives, processes, members)

- Dissemination strategy (communication elements, stakeholders, methods)

- Individual dissemination plans

- Exploitation of the PREDICT results

- Dissemination criteria