PREDICT - PREparing for the Domino effect in Crisis siTuations

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Description of the PREDICT project

The aim of the PREDICT project is to provide a comprehensive solution for dealing with cascading effects in multi-sectoral crisis situations covering aspects of critical infrastructures. The PREDICT solution will be composed of the following three pillars: methodologies, models and software tools. Their integrated use will increase the awareness and understanding of cascading effects by crisis response organisations, enhances their preparedness and improves their response capability to respond in case of cascading failures.

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Feature story

11th CRITIS Conference on Critical Information Infrastuctures Security will take place in Paris in October 2016 in partnership with the PREDICT project

This year’s edition of CRITIS will be hosted in Paris, France by the International Union of Railways (Union Internationale des Chemins de fer - UIC) on of the partners of the PREDICT consortium.. See more.